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Give me your favourite photo, and I'll create you an original artwork - Handmade, Resin-coated & one-of-a kind.



Barcelona. 16 years ago. I fell in love with collage and paint. My friend and mentor, Antonio Nodar (aka El Monkey), told me it would take at least 10 years to find my style. He was right. My style found me.


It's defined by bold colours, urban versus vintage, graphic composition and esoteric leanings. I feel I have created my own geekdom, in which I can access multiple worlds while being a genuine fan of this one.

 In this reality, I live in Bristol in the UK. Awesome place.




I love construction as much as creation, starting with a beautiful image or a specific idea that inspires me. First, I build with collage elements, looking for ideal combinations. Then I add paint and watch what happens.


Once complete, I repeatedly pour resin over the artwork to protect it. I let it set to a high gloss finish. Sometimes I fine sand the resin for a matt look. It's a long process but durability is important. My clients invest in me - they deserve long-term quality and no fading.

I nearly always work onto wood. It's reassuringly solid and can hang straight onto the wall.

Next Exhibition: 20th Aug - 10th Sept

The Greenbank

57 Belle Vue Rd,



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